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We have put this calendar together for you to enjoy and celebrate the great Am Staff breed. The images in the calendar showcase the great dogs which have come to be as a result of our long term breeding philosophy. We want to thank all the buyers who have bought these excellent digs over the years as you have all contributed to the success of the kennels and our future bloodline.

If you have purchased an Andonas dog, you are more than welcome to have your dog included in the next calendar. Talk to Theo about becoming a small sponsor and we can include the name of your dog with the picture and the owners name and the state you are located.

Please enjoy this calendar throughout 2012 and celebrate the Am Staff breed with us for many years to come. We wish you the best of luck with your dogs and in life.

All the best, from Andonas Kennels.

Theo (chief staffy) and the Gravakis family.