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I have always wanted a dog like Wanted! He is the thickest Amstaff pup I have ever come across! Proportion, Size, Quality! He is unique and Wanted by all! Temperament and looks wise he has it all! Like a blue bull he walks the grounds of Andonas Kennels! He reminds me of a rhino! Keep an eye on him, he will reach 40kg in no time! Here is a little story - We sold this dog as a young puppy to one of our clients and he refused to pay for the shipping cost $150! And we returned his money and we kept Wanted as a stud. I will leave the judgment to you, I thought he was Wanted but not from that person.

Here is Wanted in the above photos at 12 weeks.

The images above are at 5 ½ months.

The images above are at 7 ½ months.

The images below are Wanted at 18 months old - still growing to 3 years old.

The images below are Wanted at 2 years old.