I was born in Greece in a small town of ancient Olympia, the birth place of the Olympic Games. I now live in South Australia. I spent 6 years in the Greek Army as a dog trainer. Training dogs for protection and security amongst various other reasons.

Ever since I was a child I have always had a love for animals, particularly a passion for dogs. From a young age I started breeding dogs in Greece. I tried many different breeds however I have always felt there was something missing, that is, until I came across the American Staffordshire. I found this breed to have the best of temperament, colours, look, strength and markings.

As a result, I bought two beautiful females 'Layka' and 'Kalony'. They produced pups which grew in to dogs I could only ever dream about. Now I own many beautiful American Staffordshire Terriers. The kennels are situated in Adelaide, South Australia on a 10 acre farm with all the facilities the dogs need to enjoy themselves.


The American Staffordshire Terrier is not a new breed. Although it gained American Kennel Club registration and recognition in 1936, it has been developed since the early 1800’s as a result of crosses between the bulldogs of that time and game terriers. One of the early and very famous AKC registered Staffs was Pete the Pup, (real name Lucenay’s Peter), dog star of the original Our Gang comedies of the 1930’s.

Although the early ancestors of this breed came from England, the development of the American Staffordshire Terrier is the story of a truly American breed. This type of dog was instrumental in the success of farmers and settlers who developed this country. They were used for general farm work, hunting wild pigs, bears, and other large game, guarding the homestead, and general companionship.

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